Weday is responsible for those special and unique moments remain immortalized in the video of your wedding. To be preserved forever in frames, close-ups, travelings …. a wedding film in which you are the only players. Behind Weday is Enka Corrales, with her camera ready to hunt those unforgettable moments . Nothing will be missed to her eye and camera lenses. It takes years devoted to the art of portraying the celebration of love and record those special moments that pass too quickly. The details, smiles, looks, those magical moments that make life a party. Enka, always lurking, silent, almost invisible. Helping “the big day” elapses like a perfect dream without pause. There are moments, precious moments that change a lifetime. One would like to catch them, grab them strongly to be kept intact forever. That is what  Weday does , what Enka  Corrales achieves.